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I fell for crime.

I fell for beauty.

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I've had this journal for ten years. Sometimes my brain and my mouth don't have a great relationship.

I'm bossy, controlling, super polite, caffeine addled, a baker (only for hobby's sake) and it's fantastic to meet you.

We're going to fall in love here.
I promise.
allison hannigan, animal rights, animals, aqua teen hungerforce, arrested development, art, asian beauty pageants, back to the future, baseball, battle royale, belle and sebastian, bill murray, books, bread, bright eyes, burt's bees, bust magazine, caffeine, canadian secret police, candy, cider, coffee, comic books, crafts, cupcakes, cutting my own hair, dave eggers, david sedaris, desparaceidos, drag queens, elvis costello, flowers, fozzy bear, frosting, futurama, gatorade, geeks, george clooney, gilmore girls, gin, green, hair dye, hello kitty, history books, hooch, horrible tv, hugs, indie pop, invader zim, jimes, jonathan safran foer, josh charles, kissing, knee socks, knitting, ladytron, mallard ice cream, margaret sanger, marianne faithfull, mary karr, mates of state, minus the bear, mirah, my morning jacket, neil gaiman, nico, npr, perez hilton, peter krause, phillip roth, plums, pocky, portia derossi, puppies, reading, record collecting, richard russo, robots, sanrio, sarah vowell, scarecrow video, scarlett johannsen, scarves, self-empowerment, shoes, side cars, six feet under, snow cuts glass, soccer, sports night, star trek, steve martin, sweet art candy, tattoos, tegan and sara, the dwarves, the girls next door, the hold steady, the joggers, the postal service, the simpsons, the weakerthans, the yeah yeah yeahs, this american life, thrift stores, tom selleck, trading places, tulips, typewriters, venture bros., vespas, vintage eye glasses, vonnegut, weezer, wes anderson, willy wonka

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