I fell for crime.

I fell for beauty.

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Have I told you I am getting married? I am getting married. I haven't used this livejournal kebob in a very long time, and I don't know why. Oh. There may be a few reasons.

But, here are some things that are going on:
- The end of Breaking Bad to come: OH GAHD.
- I'm getting married in ....39 days? REALLY? Oh okay.
- I'm wearing polka dot tights to my wedding, and hopefully, I won't look like a hobo.
- I've been dealing with demons in my head as best as I can. Which means wincing when I see photos taken of me. Having nightmares. Not eating properly or sometimes at all. Having migraines. But, I'm still happy. Just sad over things that I wish were okay/around/not as they were.
- We plan to move back to Olympia and travel to places. Hopefully we'll visit Portland and enjoy friends and food and Powell's.
- Our cats are cute and I love them so much.
- I love John very very much. He is understanding, mostly kind (if stubborn) and empathetic which is more than I can ever ask for.
(there are more things. but, these are some of the top things)
- I have a deeper understanding for how love works, i think. It's never simple. Ever. And you never quite stop loving anyone. No matter what you may tell them. It doesn't just simply turn on and off like a faucet. It's more complicated. There should never be conditions to the love you guive, you can never expect it to come back equally in return, and just give it. Give. Try to be understanding. Realize things are never black and white. Nothing is ever just good or bad.


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